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Housekeeping: December 2017

  • Sensible SSH with Ansible was delayed by a flood of yak shaves, but it's still (mostly) in active development.
  • I'll be shaking down a new tool over the course of Let's Encrypt from Start to Finish; it's the most involved yak shave from Sensible SSH.
  • Let's Encrypt from Start to Finish will most likely be finished and published in its entirety by the end of this week (possibly next week; probably next week; I'm guessing next week). You can actually read a full draft on GitHub. I'll be polishing that, adding more documentation, and hopefully building a couple of end-to-end demos as I move it over.
  • I have a few update posts planned and some of them drafted, but nothing scheduled yet. I'd like to come back to these in the near future:
    • KeePass + ssh: I've spent a few months getting really mad at Microsoft and have a few snippets that have improved my original build. Unsurprisingly, the Linux build has worked beautifully from day one.
    • Docker in WSL: Not a whole lot has changed in stable channels (as far as I know), but Microsoft's been publicizing some fairly major paradigm shifts that deserve exploration. I'm not waiting with bated breath. I am, however, excited to see what's change with LinuxKit; those devs are amazing.
    • I've got some very tentative plans to come back around to NPM Lifecycle with some containerization tooling. I've since written another tool brute-force documentation tool that needs attention, and they're both basically the same problem.
  • My big, long-term goal for 2018 is to break out my writing system into a usable tool. It's more a collection of tools and some opinionated configuration than anything else, and I don't see it growing much beyond that. Right now it's built via copypasta and I hate that. Plus the yak shave potential is so high with that project that I can't not do it.

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